SPOCO® business

SPOCO® Business

Licencja SPOCO Trener Zmiany

  • the talking ends and the action begins
  • you get my support in finding the needs for the development of your business
  • you get my attention to take care of all the foundations of success

I am a licensed SPOCO® Change Trainer authorized to run SPOCO® Puls and a SPOCO® 100 days programme. In 2017, I undertook the certification, which I successfully completed in January 2018. You can read more about SPOCO® at ei-spoco.pl.

SPOCO® business is a program for any business/project at any stage of its development. It does not matter if it's just an idea/idea or already expansion.​

SPOCO puls

During SPOCO® Puls, you will look broadly and strategically at your business through five lenses of success, people, organization, community, and product. These areas are the foundations of success according to the SPOCO® methodology. You will define what you have already had, what you miss and you will see an image that will show you what are the existing needs for further development of your business. This, in turn, will help you make further decisions about whether and what significant changes to make in your business.

  • you will assess the level of sustainability of your project/business
  • you will broaden the perspective and image of your project/business
  • you will spot the areas to change

Within 24 hours of the session, you will receive a report summarizing the key areas responsible for the success of your venture/ project. It will give you an intuitive overview of the situation and support you in making decisions about the next steps.

On the basis of SPOCO® Puls, you will more consciously define your further plans and actions. If you want to use my support when making changes, planning etc I invite you to cooperate during the individual SPOCO® 100 days programme.

100 dni SPOCO

SPOCO® 100 days programme comprises weekly meetings when you decide what tasks are to be done in the near future, and I guide you through the process of planning/ actions/changes, taking care of each of the basic success foundations of the SPOCO® method. All that is being done so that your business develops in a sustainable way, for example, to avoid the situation when you have a very good product/service, but you do not have a community that would buy this product/service from you. Or your company is developing well, but you have no more strength to continue running i, because you have neglected your needs ...

  • you consciously plan, control and develop your business
  • you introduce systematicity and regularity of activities, which makes you do more
  • you have a sense of order, peace, and motivation

At the first meeting based on SPOCO® Puls, you set goals for the next 100 days that give you the direction of your actions during our cooperation. After each meeting, you receive a list of tasks that you have planned for the next week. So you end each session with a specific action plan for the next seven days.

The programme includes a total of 14 sessions. The last one is a summary session. As a standard, the SPOCO Puls lasts up to 1.5 hours, and each of the SPOCO 100 days meetings lasts up to 1 hour.

Invest in yourself and your future.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to make an appointment? Write to me.

I meet my clients face to face and online via the Internet. As a standard, the SPOCO® Puls takes about 2 hours, and each of the SPOCO® 100 days meetings last up to 1 hour.

SPOCO® Puls: 100 GB (one session)
SPOCO® 100 days - 15 meetings: 750 GB (50 GB per session)

Do you have any questions? Do you want to make an appointment? Write to me using this contact form.

All the best,
Ewa Potopianek